By establishing intersectionality as a core feminist practice, the Ellipsis Institute for Women of Color in the Academy intentionally creates space for women of color students, staff and faculty, as we build relationships across lines of difference in a unified pursuit of advocacy efforts for all women, in all roles. 

Ellipsis Institute for Women of Color In the Academy

Furthering the work of the Ellipsis Institute, Ellipsis International is working with the people of Akpafu Todzi, a village in the Oti region of Northern Ghana, to reimagine what gender equity looks, sounds like and feels like by manifesting a secondary school for girls. More information on how you can be involved is coming soon.  ​

Ellipsis International

Reclaiming Just Communities

A Partnership with Global Ambassadors Language Academy

Centering on issues of diversity, equity, inclusion and intersectionality, or DEII, the proposed will assist GALA in continuing to prepare its teachers and staff for today’s rapidly changing global society.

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