builds capacity for today’s creative 


Why We Work

Though the implementation of culturally relevant strategies, we support folks who are committed to making long term sustainable change in their community.

Who We Support

The educators, activists, and organizers we support are visionaries and change-makers who inhabit the communities they serve.

How We Support

We support our members by providing coaching, consulting, training, event curation and fiscal agency services.


Robbin Thornton Hudson

Managing Partner, Platform and Zenith


Vice President 

Arleesha Wilson, MUPDD

Principal Attorney, Law Offices of Arleesha Wilson 



Malik Y. Moore, CTA 

Head of School, Columbus Preparatory Academy 



Khrys Shefton, PMP

Director of Real Estate Development, Famicos Foundation 


Ulysses Hall 

Director of Player Development, Recruiting Coordinator, Defensive Line Coach 

Alderson Broaddus University 

Circle Members

Jerry Pena


Mylonne Sullivan,



Circle Member are creative entrepreneurs who spearhead various projects and minoritized communities.

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Board Members


our team

Consulting, Training & Professional Development:  

Institutions and Organizations

Moving beyond diversity, equity and inclusion, our training framework seeks to situate intersectionality both as a methodology and approach. The study of  intersectionality seeks to understand the multiple and overlapping ways in which various biological,  social, and cultural categories intersect, contributing to the perpetration of social inequality. Rooted in  Critical Race Theory, legal scholar Kimberle Crenshaw outlines the understanding of intersecting  identities as a framework for explaining, and ultimately creating a blueprint for us to dismantle the matrix  of oppression.

As a consulting group, Sankofa Circle  provides culturally relevant strategies for a diverse client base of institutions an organizations by producing conversations, programming, training, and events that speak to the most marginalized voices of our constituency. Overall, the foundational thrust of our DEII work is centered upon building relationships across lines of difference - between  institutions and the communities in which they serve - in pursuit of a common goal:  liberation.




Sankofa Circle International is a 501c3 non-profit organization, working to build capacity for today’s creative entrepreneurs.

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